A Manhattan please. The Classic Manhattan by EC Proof

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A Manhattan please. The Classic Manhattan by EC Proof

EC Proof highlighted to us that there are different stories of where and when the Manhattan originated. We had no idea!

Some say it was invented for Winston Churchill’s mother at the Manhattan Club, NYC. The fact that she was pregnant and in France at the time has done nothing to quell this popular origin story. This American icon has spawned many fantastic variations.

EC Proof shares their Classic Manhattan recipe with us here.


50ml Rye Whisky
20ml Sweet Vermouth
3dash Angostura Bitter



Measure all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir with ice and strain.


Lemon Zest & Cherry


Cocktail Glass


Bold, Oaky, Elegant

In need for ingredients to make this at home? Head over to EC Proof’s website and order right away, or visit them at the EC Proof flat on 43A Hong Kong Street.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration – download this set of recipes that EC Proof’s award-winning bartenders have assembled for you. These are solid recipes for solid classic drinks.

EC Proof & Table Tales

We’re proud to have EC Proof as a brand partner for our 2018 Table Tales edition.

EC Proof is a connoisseur of luxury craft spirits and welcomes you to his flat for unique and fun events.

Salon Social on Friday nights are spirit tasting and cocktail making classes, held by world-class bartenders from the Proof & Company Collective. Kick off your evening with EC Proof, before you head to dinner with Table Tales!

EC Proof invites you and a friend to a Salon Social on Friday nights from 6-8pm. Check ecproof.peatix.com to see which spirits session you would like to attend.
To book your Salon Social call +65 8228 0113 or email findus@ecproof.com quoting ‘TABLETALES’.

Book early! They tend to sell out fast.

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