Our vision is to change the way you dine out.

Perhaps you need something to kick-start your date nights. Maybe you would like to catch up with friends more frequently. It could be that you want to try new restaurants but feel overwhelmed by the endless options and reviews. With so many out there, which ones can you trust?

We love to dine out and are spoiled for choice. New restaurants open monthly, covering all cuisines, locations and price points. Too often, the excitement of discovering a new place is dissolved by the end of the evening. We’re let down. The food was mediocre, the service lacking and the experience underwhelming.

It is frustrating and it shouldn’t be like that.

We do the hard work for you

Dining out should always be a special occasion, an experience truly worth having where the food is incredible and the service is on point. These meals should involve discovering something new every time.

For us, the best places to eat can be anything from white linen and fine dining to rustic, hidden gems. We try them all and choose our favourites for you. These are the venues that delight us on every single visit.

Culinary experiences worth sharing

We introduce you to our favourite restaurants. Every year, we select our best experiences and invite these restaurants to join Table Tales. Our restaurants do not and cannot pay to be in our book. Our recommendations are genuine.

The result is our beautiful, limited edition publication with dining destinations that each give you unique experiences. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by choice, there are only a handful of exquisite, hand-picked restaurants that we ourselves have been delighted by.

With Table Tales, each chef will sign your book as a memento of your evening. You will also receive a complimentary second main course, or 20% off two set menus.

What our happy (and well-fed) book owners think

  • “We are very excited to try our book and look forward to giving our own reviews of the different places! Thanks so much for coming up with this idea – what a brilliant concept!”
    Glen Wilson
  • “My wife and I need to kickstart our date nights after the arrival of our daughter, Nia. Our good friends told us about Table Tales, so we got a copy. Such a great way to start our date nights!”
    Bryn Dyer

Who are we?

We are two foodies who met in Singapore and fell in love with the vibrance and colour of this exotic location. While we’re the curators of the Singapore edition of Table Tales, for other cities we work with local city connoisseurs to ensure only the best from each city is chosen.

About Karin & Peter, Table Tales Singapore
About Matt & Unggul, Table Tales Jakarta

Share your Table Tales

Visiting one of our restaurants? Enjoying a brand partner at home? Journal it in pictures and share it with us.

Use the hashtag #mytabletales to share your story on Instagram and Facebook.

Remember, good times should be shared!

Launch Table Tales in your city

We’re on a mission to launch our book in every major city in Asia and we need your help for that. In each city, we work with local city connoisseurs to ensure only the best (culinary) experiences in the city are chosen.

Interested to launch Table Tales in your city?


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