has called Singapore home for the past ten years. Originally from the Netherlands, Karin worked in event management and for a design agency before launching her own company that allows her to pursue her love of food via Table Tales. Besides wining and dining, she is a marketing consultant for design agencies, start-ups and SMEs.

I’m obsessed with anything food related whether it is eating out or trying new recipes at home. Another obsession is reading sniper novels – I get completely lost in them! I’m also passionate about social causes, which is why it is important to me that Table Tales supports a cause. – Karin


moved away from Sweden more than 20 years ago. After living in Japan and Hong Kong, Peter ended up in Singapore and has been here for over ten years. He is the Asia distributor for Nordaq FRESH, the sustainable water filtration system for hotels and restaurants.

Both Nordaq FRESH and Table Tales allow me to pursue my love for food and explore new restaurants. A regular squash game helps me to stay in shape for this. My latest discovery is flying planes and one day, I’ll get my pilot license. – Peter

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