Bacco Wines’ Laura shares her journey from an Italian vineyard to your glass!

August 27, 2018 in Brand Partners, Events, Singapore

Bacco Wines’ Laura shares her journey from an Italian vineyard to your glass!

August 27, 2018 in Brand Partners, Events, Singapore

Bacco Wines’ Laura shares her journey from an Italian vineyard to your glass!

Representing numerous vineyards in Italy, means that Laura from bacco wines needs to visit them once in a while. She will taste the new wines available, or try out new wines and vineyards to add to their portfolio. A big part of Laura’s job is sharing the stories of each individual vineyard she works with, and that might be the favourite part of her job.

Laura mentioned that she notices a trend towards people wanting to know more about where products are sourced. Consumers who care about the origin of their groceries, produce and meals. Artisan coffee shops and café’s or bars have sprung up over the last few years, providing more information for customers.

Tasting wines while getting to know the winemakers

When running a wine tasting event Laura finds many guests are not only keen to discover more about the grapes and terroir but also the families behind the wines. Learning something about the geography of the vineyard helps understand the aromas and taste of the wine, and then hearing a story about the winemaker (how he took over the land from his father and grandfather; or the new cellar he’s designing with his daughter; or the inspiration for the artwork used as labels for the bottles) makes the experience of drinking that glass of wine even more evocative and enjoyable.

Laura’s role has become one of a ‘story-teller’ on behalf of the wineries that they’ve selected to work with and this makes a trip to Italy to visit them not only important but a real privilege.

Traveling through Italy

In April Laura travelled to as many regions as she could in an ‘over-too-fast’ two week period, to see the vineyards and cellars; taste the latest vintages; and meet the next generation who are bringing their own personality to the winemaking process. As she asked questions and snapped photos she was excited about the stories she would be bringing back to Singapore.

Sourcing new wines is not only about finding the best wines to represent Bacco’s business philosophy (healthy wine from organic vineyards, made by small-production estates with family-run cellars), it is also about reminding ourselves and our guests why we love these artisanal products and the people behind them.

Enjoying your wine and Laura’s Stories at the upcoming Boutique Italian Wine Fair on Saturday 8 September.

Visit the 8th Boutique Italian Wine Fair by BACCO to try rare grapes, discover unique wines and enjoy the benefits of organic vino. Join this 4-hour wine tasting to explore 20+ boutique labels and leave with a greater understanding of vino Italiano. Keep reading for a discount on your tickets!

Event details






Saturday 8 September, 2-6pm

The COMMIS café, 46 Kim Yam Road, unit #01-06/07

(Robertson Quay area, access from River Valley or Mohd Sultan)


Includes 4 hour wine tasting and exclusive discounts on bottles


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