Celebrating Women for International Women’s Day 2019 – Meet Petra

February 28, 2019 in Singapore

Celebrating Women for International Women’s Day 2019 – Meet Petra

February 28, 2019 in Singapore

Meet Petra, Entrepreneur & Author of My Edutainment Book. Celebrating Women for International Women’s Day 2019

This International Women’s Day (8 March) the global campaign is #BalanceforBetter and I was inspired by this to feature some of my friends and fellow entrepreneurs to celebrate our successes and accomplishments till date. Nowadays 'finding balance' seems to be on top of everybody's mind, but how to accomplish it is a different question. To me personally the balance changes every day and I think that's good. Some days the balance tips over to your work and that's where the majority of your time and energy goes to, other days it's your family or yourself or your friends. To me that makes up the #balanceforbetter - choosing on a daily basis what balance works for me.

I asked my friends what #balanceforbetter means to them, as well as share some insight into their entrepreneurial journey. Honestly, I feel privileged to know so many accomplished women, call them my friends and be inspired by them or ask them for advice when I'm stuck. Please meet:

I hope you're just as inspired by them as I am and let's celebrate and collaborate together.


Can you give me a brief intro to yourself and what you do?

My name is Petra. I’m from the Netherlands and my professional background lies in Graphic Design. I  have lived in Singapore for over 6 years now with my husband Dimitri and our 13-year-old son Benjamin. I am always creative with everything I do – in my home, with my meals and my own style! One of my biggest achievements was actually Benjamin’s idea.  After moving to Singapore I finally found the time to work on my dream; creating and publishing my own children’s book, My Edutainment Book. 

My Edutainment Book caters for children to bond with family and helps them engage in activities with friends. These things are important to make time for in their hectic lives. The book is aimed at children between 8 and 12 years old, but can, of course, be used by children of all ages! I hope to encourage creativity in children, showing them there is much fun to be had without being glued to a screen.  

My book and it’s content led to the creation of various educative products; postcards based on the maps in my book, a children’s placemat for restaurant ‘Summerlong’ and a unique child-friendly A1 map of Singapore used by for the Tanglin Trust School.

This International Women’s Day the theme is #balanceforbetter. Better the balance, better the world. What does this mean to you?

A balanced life is the best life! After becoming a mum I have consciously decided to start my own company. Thinking this would allow me to organise my life around my 2 main jobs. Being a mother and the work for my clients, and it worked out great. I take pride in having been at home when my son came back from school nearly every day. Allowing me to hear what he had to share first hand over a cup of tea. I am fortunate that in my profession it doesn’t matter for a customer when you do your work as long as you meet the deadline. This allowed me to have a perfect balance.

You have been an entrepreneur for a while now. Can you share a failure that in hindsight has been a big win / your biggest win till date?

I feel creating the book from scratch was an accomplishment in itself, after that, I needed to go sell it. It proofed that getting in the book stores was difficult without the right connections. I then decided to take the selling of the book in my own hands, created a webshop and see that I now have a much broader reach and feel much more in control. 

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I love to read and am always looking for recommendations to keep learning. Which book should everybody read / has inspired you the most?

I would like to recommend Factfulness by Hans Rosling. The world is in much better shape than we think. The book really changed the way I see the world.

What has been your proudest moment since running your own company?

My proudest moment since running my own company was the actual printing of my children’s book.  It went from a computer screen to be a physical entity.  Wherever I looked in the print shop, everywhere were pages of my book spinning on big wheels! 200 pages of your work spinning around you, can you imagine what that looks like? We went there as a family and it was an exciting day for us. 

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