Chef’s Table Friday Lunches

May 21, 2018 in Restaurants, Singapore, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

Chef’s Table Friday Lunches

May 21, 2018 in Restaurants, Singapore, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

The perfect start of your weekend

Every dinner at Chef’s Table is unique which is why we LOVE having them in our book. It’s amazing how Chef Stephan and his creative partner Lorenz Raich manage to surprise us every dinner we have. And now you can experience the same for lunch!
Due to popular demand, Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan is now open for lunch on Fridays. The menu has 16 fresh ingredients to cater to business and quick lunches. Those who have an hour lunch can still enjoy the experience at Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan.
I joined Angela Manners from Vanilla Beige for lunch – get some lunch envy by reading below 🙂 For the full review head over to Vanilla Beige.

The Friday lunch menu at Chef’s Table

Lunch, like their dinner menu, is prepared from the freshest and finest ingredients available on that day. You are presented with 16 items from which you can omit anything you do not enjoy. You also choose your main to be either fish or meat. On the day we had lunch, everything looked tasty and so we let Chef Stephan and his team do the rest.

For our lunch at Chef’s Table, we enjoyed four beautiful courses. The menu will be different every time you lunch or dine here because each dish is created based on the available ingredients on that day. I want to highlight my two favourites: the Acquerello Riso and the Apple Crumble. The latter is my absolute weak spot – if I see it on a menu, I HAVE to try it!

Acquerello Riso

The Acquerello riso was an aged risotto rice cooked to perfection (and we all know how hard it is to get a risotto right!). On top was a silky, divine, chicken liver mousse which seemed to melt into the bed of Parmesan infused rice. Fine slices of black winter truffle were the crowning glory. The truffles are from a farm in Western Australia, the Majimup Truffle farm. They first harvested truffles in 2004 but the family farm has been a major producer of vegetables since 1978.

Apple Crumble

The dessert this day was an unconventional apple crumble. I love trying apple crumbles since there are so many variations and interpretations, admittedly some better than others. Chef Stephan definitely lived up to my expectations! The crumble was heavily infused with rum and served with caramelized apples and vanilla ice cream. Absolutely divine. It was the perfect finish to our lovely lunch at Chef’s Table.

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan offers three menus for dinner. 4 courses at $98+ per person; 6 courses at $128+ per person; 8 courses at $150+ per person. For lunch you can enjoy 4 courses at $58+ per person.

This Friday Lunch review at Chef’s Table was originally published on Vanilla Beige and has been republished here with permission. Images courtesy of Vanilla Beige, unless stated otherwise. I included my personal take on my favourite dishes. 

Chef’s Table & Table Tales

We’re proud to have Chef’s Table as one of our selected restaurants for Table Tales Singapore 2018.
That means, if you dine with our book, you get 20% off two set menus. 

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