How to stay healthy and still eat out? The Nutrition Clinic shares some tools.

February 21, 2018 in Brand Partners, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

How to stay healthy and still eat out? The Nutrition Clinic shares some tools.

February 21, 2018 in Brand Partners, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

How to stay healthy and still eat out?

In Singapore people tend to eat out a lot, at The Nutrition Clinic, we encourage home cooked food as much as possible but we are also a team of foodies who love nothing more than a good meal out. This is part of why I love the concept of Table Tales. It explores appreciating good food and creating experiences through connection.

Food should never be about deprivation. It is something we share, enjoy and savour. Eating out is a moment where we totally disconnect from our busy days and connect fully with the person in front of us.

A lot of clients at The Nutrition Clinic ask “but how do I stay healthy and still eat out?”

Here are some of the tools I share with them:

Some of our clients need to go on a  pretty strict diet to start, this could be to bring cholesterol levels down, prevent type 2 diabetes, balance metabolism or help reduce inflammation. In these instances or if someone has an intolerance to any food, we suggest planning and calling ahead to the restaurant. It is really difficult for changes to be made on the spot. Don’t blame the kitchen for creating an average meal if they don’t have time to plan around your dietary requirements. Be specific, let them know what you can and can’t eat so you can sit back and enjoy the meal without causing a fuss at the table.

Always. Always. Always skip the bread basket. If you arrive starving, order a quick side to keep your hanger (hunger+ anger) under control. Ordering when you are starving is a bad idea too- you tend to over order and make worse choices.

Three courses is not a requirement. Choose with balance. Having a healthy starter and main, perhaps you want to share dessert. An indulgent choice for mains might call for a shared starter and skipping dessert. This is not your last meal you don’t need to have everything on the menu.

If you are following a low carb diet don’t feel afraid to ask for slight modifications – skip the potatoes and ask for greens instead. Most of these modifications can be made on the spot pretty easily. If in doubt stick to proteins and greens. 

Experiment with trying a dinner with just sparkling water. If you usually enjoy your meal with drinks, it feels a bit naked to start as it takes time to adjust and unwind without wine doing the job for you. I strongly believe in experimenting with different ideas rather then ordering a bottle of wine simply because you always do.

Get used to feeling satisfied and not full. When you feel really full you tend to want to go home and sit on the sofa. When you get the balance just right you should feel energised and ready to let your meal settle by enjoying an evening stroll home (or at least part of the way home). If you have over indulged, a walk is an excellent way to help your digestion- going to bed straight away will more than likely end up in disturbed sleep. 

A new monthly series!

As you can imagine, Peter and I often eat at restaurants. Either to try new places for Table Tales, to revisit the restaurants that are in our current edition or to support establishments that are Peter’s customers (who serve Nordaq FRESH water). When talking to book owners and friends, I often get asked how I do it. Stay healthy while eating out so much. This is a topic I’m quite passionate about since I think it’s important to be as healthy as possible. Whether you eat at home or out.

I’m therefore launching a new, monthly series with Pooja Vig and Bonnie Rogers  from The Nutrition Clinic. These articles are not sponsored or paid for in any way. Pooja, Bonnie and I share the passion of eating good food while being healthy, and we hope these articles give you some tips and tricks when you need them. Happy eating!

About The Nutrition Clinic: 

The Nutrition Clinic integrates the latest functional medicine science with practical real-world suggestions. This includes nutrition, lifestyle, advanced testing and proven supplements. They support you from start to finish. Their method believes in taking you directly to your goal, as swiftly and sensibly as possible. They do this by combining the science of nutrition with the art of coaching to design a plan precisely for your own nutritional blueprint.

About Bonnie Rogers:

Bonnie is an Apprentice Functional Medicine Coach. She helps clients uncover their true story and address the traits and habits they need to fulfil their potential. She deeply believes that the road to transforming health lies in the power of simple daily habits. By combining Positive Psychology with Functional Nutrition, she takes clients through a process of self-discovery to activate long-term change.

About Table Tales

Table Tales is a yearly lifestyle publication (SG & JKT) with a curated selection of restaurants and brand partners. Looking for date night ideas or a trusted resource to explore the culinary side of your city? We got you covered and give you unique privileges along the way. Table Tales will change the way you dine out.

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