This year, we are proud to support Babes whose vision is to have an inclusive society where every pregnant teenager needing support will not feel estranged or marginalised.

When talking to friends with children, the one thing they all have in common and highlight is the importance of support – whether from a partner, family or friends. At any stage of a pregnancy, it is crucial to have a support system. This is why Babes is a charity I am glad to work with.

Babes takes a mother-centric approach in providing girls under the age of 21 going through an unplanned pregnancy all the help and support they need. They strive to ensure that each teenager is aware of their options and is able to make crucial decisions when needed.

Friends close to me know that I will always say – “as long as it’s your choice”. Babes’ philosophy is something I support because I firmly believe that you can take charge of your life by taking charge of the choices you make. 

I hope our contribution can help many girls make their own choices and support whatever their decisions may be. 


Close to 80% of Babes’ service-users who choose parenthood are single mothers with no support from their partners.

Approximately 70% of Babes’ service-users return back to school.

Help us do more!

For every book we sell we donate $3.50 to Babes. Help us contribute even more by clicking on the button below to double the contribution.

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