This year, we are proud to support Club Rainbow whose vision is to support and empower children with chronic illnesses and their families in their journey towards an enriching life.

Having a chronicically ill child can turn one’s world upside down and often the family no longer gets to live a normal life.

Club Rainbow, set up in 1992, helps by providing a range of comprehensive support services that makes a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Their services include home and hospital counseling, hospital and home tuition, critical therapy intervention as well as educational support.

We trust that our contribution will help to support their mission and sustain their work and daily operations so that they can continue to provide the children and their famililies, a better quality of life and hope for the future.

Club Rainbow resonates with us and reminds us that life is a gift and that health should never be  taken for granted.


Club Rainbow’s holistic approach is made up of 5 core aspects: Social Work Intervention Therapy Intervention Educational Support Arts Development Vocational Development

In 2018, Club Rainbow helped to enrich the lives of 1,153 children and their families

85% of their children are able to survive into adulthoods

Help us do more!

For every book we sell we donate $3.00 to Club Rainbow. Help us contribute even more by clicking on the button below to double the contribution.

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