Weekly Planner + Memory Game

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Plan time to have a laugh with our Fun Time Weekly Planner package. The Arty-Shock Memory Game tests your memory of Old Masters paintings in a fun little box full of cards picturing original paintings and the Arty-Shock recreation. See if you can remember which one is the original painting and spot the differences.

This package features:
• Vanilla Beige Weekly Planner
• Arty-Shock Memory game

  • Description

    Paired with Arty-Shock Memory Game, use this Fun Time Weekly Planner to… schedule some fun time! Get yourself organised for some play time – whether this is with friends, the kids or colleagues. And to get you started – play the Arty-Shock memory game and have a laugh when combining original Dutch Masterpieces with the Arty-Shock interpretation. Smiles and giggles guaranteed!

    Arty-Shock pays homage to the Old Masters by offering unique art with an Arty-Shock twist! Each piece is made-to-order and comes in a numbered, limited edition with a Certificate of Authentication. We have the Arty-Shock Memory Game to be paired with our Weekly Planner.

    Created and designed by an avid bullet journalist, stationery lover and list maker, this planner can sit on your desk for daily planning or be torn off a page at a time to be placed where you find it most useful (like your fridge or by the front door)

    The Vanilla Beige Weekly Planner features:
    • Beautiful minimal design
    • A4 sized pad with 60 tear-away sheets
    • Sections to record items or plans for each day of the week divided by AM and PM
    • Each day contains an additional section where you can write in your own important priorities, notes or goals
    • A place to write in the week starting so you know exactly which week you are in
    • Add in your own To Do headings over the three columns or use the entire section as one list

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