We have enjoyed many evenings at Gattopardo, relaxing in their courtyard, drinks in hand…

Italy and in particular, Sicily come to Singapore at Gattopardo. True to Italian tradition, this is a place that celebrates seasonality and the taste of the sea, a specialty of the region that Chef Lino Sauro is from. 

With his infectious smile and welcoming demeanor, Chef Lino will always make you feel welcome. Family traditions including love and passion for sustainability and the best produce are held dear in his kitchen. 

While Gattopardo’s cuisine is traditional, it is at the same time a testament to adaptation and innovation in culinary technique. 

Request to dine downstairs for a special experience at the chef’s table in front of the kitchen. You may also book the private dining room on level 2 for a celebration in real style.

Cuisine Sicilian Seafood
Founded 2010
Chef Lino Sauro
36 Tras Street, S078975
Opening hours Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner, Saturday for dinner, Sunday closed
Phone 6338 5498, 9325 8843


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