Everyone loves an excuse to get away and Tamarind Hill is where you can.

The exceptional Thai cuisine at Tamarind Hill is full of flavour – spice, heat, sweet, salty and sour all mixed in a perfect balance. Here, under the expert hand of Chef Pin, you can imagine yourself in the Royal Palaces of the Thai Kingdom.

The dishes follow ages-old traditional recipes specially found by Chef Pin and her team. Each ingredient is carefully selected for freshness and quality. Even then, all the elements of a dish, from fresh curry pastes, soup stocks to marinades and dipping sauces, are made from scratch. Authentic and delicious, their cuisine comes alive while you dine in Colonial splendour. 

Surrounded by nature and housed in a stunning, historic black and white bungalow at the top of Labrador Nature Reserve, Tamarind Hill is a lovely get away. It’s an escape from the city and a place where you can take your time to explore innovative yet traditional Thai cuisine.

Cuisine Thai-Shan
Founded 2012
Chef Pin
30 Labrador Villa Road, S119189
Opening hours Monday to Sunday for lunch and dinner
Phone 6278 6364


1 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung

2  Bar A Thym

3  Coriander Leaf

4  Gaig

5  Frieda

6  Madame Fan

7  Mag's

8  Oso

9  Rizu

10  Shahi Maharani

11 The Black Swan

12 Tippling Club


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