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Do you like rum? Or spirits in general? But do you sometimes wonder what the difference is between rum and rum? Or where it comes from? Of when you want to explore something new (like whiskey for) – where do you start to ‘develop your palette’? EC Proof has the answer with their weekly Salon Social evenings, happening every Friday evening from 6-8pm. It’s the perfect way to start your weekend and before you head out for dinner.

I went with a group of friends to the Diplomatico Rum Salon Social and had the honour to meet Master Blender Neslon Hernandez. He talked about the history of his company, the difference ways to make rum and then of course we had the chance to try 4 different rums!

About Diplomatico Rum

Diplomatico Rum is produced in Venezuela and located at the foot of the Andes Mountains. It’s the perfect location with fertile lands, abundant water, and favourable weather – ideal environmental conditions for premium sugar cane production. The distillery was established in 1959 and acquired in 2002 by a group of Venezuelan entrepreneurs, becoming a family owned business under the name of Destilerias Unidas S.A. (DUSA). With the new management, Diplomático began to be commercialized in the international market since 2006.

Diplomatico is committed to what really matters

Years of experience and tradition have made Diplomático a brand with a unique rum-making style. Every drop of their rum is imbued with a rich distillation heritage and the passion and dedication of their team of expert rum-makers. This gives the rum the high quality and its widespread popularity.

Diplomático realises that their most valuable resources are human as well as natural. Their growth has always been alongside their workers, their families and the community around the distillery. Through a Corporate Social Responsibility program they seek to improve the quality of life and growth of human talent.

Last but not least, Diplomatico is passionate about protecting and preserving the environment. After all, all resources used by people ultimately come from nature. This is why Diplomatico is a sustainable distillery with an ISO 14001 certification for environmental awareness. Ecological treatment processes, which transforms residual water into a sugar cane organic fertilizer. Packaging is reused and all plastic are recycled. Lastly, 100% of its effluents with a high organic load are recycled and used as an organic fertilizer for the cultivation of sugar cane.

How is rum made?

It all starts with the raw material of sugar cane which is fermented into Honeys and Molasses. Which is then used for continuous or discontinuous distillation. Once distilled, the barrels are filled and left for aging. Only then the blending process starts and once the master blenders approve the blend, its bottled and send into the world.

Distillation of rum – the different methods

Once the sugar cane is fermented, the honey or molasses can be used for one of the distillation methods. Master Blender Nelson Hernandez showed us the 3 most common methods used.


A continuous process for light alcohols. This is the Hispanic traditional way of making rum.

Batch Kettle

A discontinuous process for semi-heavy alcohols. This is the North American traditional way.

Pot Stills

A discontinuous process for heavy alcohols.
This is the British traditional way.


Ageing of the rum

Diplomatico Rum ages their rums in Ex-Bourbon Casks from American White Oak. The blending only takes 12-24 hours. It’s a detailed process based on formula sheets, used by the master blenders. The formulas are closely followed, with only small adjustments made based on the alcohol, to ensure the final product is the same no matter what year. Once the blending is finished, it’s put back in the cask and a sensorial and chemical lab are doing the final check before the product is approved as final and send out to the market.

Diplomatico Rum Tasting

After all this information we had the chance to taste the different rums Diplomatico has on offer. This is what I love about Salon Social – whether you try a new spirit or an old favourite – you get to explore various brands or blends to further identify what you prefer. After the tastings, you often get to make a cocktail to show you how else you can use the spirit when at home or out for a drink.

We started with The Distillery Collection. This is a limited edition showcasing Diplomático alternative distillation processes. Featuring each rum’s individual personality, the Distillery Collection starts with two expressions.

No 1. A single batch kettle rum

This rum has a bold nose which combines sweet and fruity aromas, wild flowers and vanilla notes for a delicious balance. Its elegance continues in the palate where delicate wood tannins are complemented by notes of toasted caramel and ripe red fruit flavors, ending in a soft, sweet and lingering aftertaste.

No 2. single barbet column rum

The second blend from the The Distillery Collection is made with the Single Barbet Column method. The nose reveals tropical fruit aromas well balanced by toasted oak notes, providing a distinctive bouquet. Slightly dry on the palate with delicate wood and fresh citrus fruit flavours that combine for a pleasant, long-lasting finish.

Reserva exclusiva

This is a complex blend of Copper pot still rums aged for 12 long years. This rum has a characterful nose, showing fruit cake, rum’n’raisin ice cream, cocoa, dried ginger, cinnamon and clove. Deep, vivid and with extremely seductive flavors.

The Ambassador

The last rum we tried was The Ambassador. This rum is crafted from the distillery´s best rum reserves. Aged in white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years. Finished in Pedro Ximenez casks for 2 years. It’s part of the Prestige Range and produced in limited editions.

Join a Salon Social and learn more about your (new) favourite spirit!

EC Proof organizes Salon Social every Friday, just check their schedule to see what tastings are coming up. For their June schedule, check our previous post!

EC Proof & Table Tales

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EC Proof invites you and a friend to a Salon Social on Friday nights from 6-8pm. Check to see which spirits session you would like to attend.

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