Terms & Conditions

How to use your Table Tales book

Make a reservation highlighting you have Table Tales.
Bring your book on the evening.
Receive a signature from the chef and enjoy your privilege.
A complimentary main course OR 20% off two set menus.

*Receive a Complimentary Main Course or 20% Off Both Set Menus when you're a table of 2 people per book, ordering 2 main courses or 2 set menus. For all details – check out our Terms & Conditions.


How to use your Table Tales book at each restaurant:

  • The restaurant privilege is valid for dinner only.
  • Choose one of our featured restaurants, make a reservation and let them know you will use Table Tales.
  • Bring your book on the evening itself.
  • Order a-la-carte or choose a set menu.
  • When you dine with two people you will get the following privilege:
    • one complimentary main course
    • 20% off both set menus (food only)
  • You can use multiple books at the same time – just remember it is one book per two people. So four people can use two books, six people three books and so on.
  • To redeem the privilege, one main course must be paid in full, or both guests must order the set menu.
  • Each restaurant’s privilege is valid once.
  • When you use your privilege, the chef or restaurant manager will sign your book. Once signed, it means you have redeemed your privilege at that restaurant.
  • The book’s privilege cannot be used in combination with any other promotions, on public holidays or for special events organised by the restaurant.
  • There are no special entitlements if the restaurant is fully booked.
  • If a restaurant closes or changes ownership, Table Tales is not responsible for the (new) restaurant to retain its offer or to provide a replacement.
  • Table Tales 2019 can be used from day of purchase till 31 December 2019.


How to use your Table Tales book at each brand partner:

  • Brand partners featured in this book offer a specific privilege to book owners.
  • To see brand partners’ specific privileges, check out their individual pages in the book.
  • Any specific Terms & Conditions to make use of the brand’s offer will be highlighted on the page.
  • Unless stated otherwise, each brand partner’s privilege is only valid once.

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