The holiday months are here but what does this mean for your health, wellness and waistline? The Nutrition Clinic gives some tips!

June 19, 2018 in Singapore, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

The holiday months are here but what does this mean for your health, wellness and waistline? The Nutrition Clinic gives some tips!

June 19, 2018 in Singapore, Table Tales Singapore, Thursday Curated

The holiday months are here but what does this mean for your health, wellness and waistline? The Nutrition Clinic gives some tips!

Holidays are a fantastic time to check out. Time away from emails, work, deadlines and structure, but sometimes this very structure we like to be free from can leave us coming back after the holidays in need of a major reset.

For some of my clients that holiday balance comes naturally; dancing between indulgences. For others we need to work closely on a strategy, a plan to allow indulgence but with a few tools to ensure indulgence doesn’t take over.

If someone’s goal is not to add 5kgs over the summer – then their action needs to match that intention. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sweet pickings and delights travels offers- infact you should and I encourage my clients to do just that. The deal is you do it with intention.

It also extends beyond weight- it’s about how you feel and connecting wth this is huge. If you are overindulging too much look beyond tighter clothes. If you’re digestion is off, you are feeling tired and your skin is breaking out its probably a good time to check in with yourself. If you feel like that whilst on holiday its unlikely you will be coming back fresh and rested from your trip.

Here are some simple strategies that have helped my clients survive and thrive during and after a holiday.

  1. Get out there. Exercise makes you feel good- after breakfast go for a walk or hike, sight see, combine movement into your days as much as you can. It doesn’t have to be high impact.
  2. If you’re choosing to eat or drink something you know is going to throw your sugar levels (this comes from a combination of knowledge and conscious eating)- plan your next meal meticulously. Have the pizza that restaurant is famous for but make sure the next meal is planned and ready. It’s called jumping straight back on the wagon. No drama.  So often when one meal derails the oh well I’ve blown it monkey mind can come in. You ate a pizza, big deal- it’s what happens next that matters most. Have some grilled veggies and a salad as your next meal and welcome in balance.
  3. Portion size is important and one of the easiest ways to indulge and try new foods without going over board. Share dessert, have a taste here and there. This is especially important in America where portions are generally large. As you’ll probably be eating out more you need to watch the size of your meals- take it slow- order a starter and build on it from there.
  4. Keep jet lag in mind. When we are tired our blood sugar levels go on a rollercoaster ride and sugar cravings usually spike. Try and reset your sleep pattern as fast as possible- melatonin helps as does walking on the beach/ grass soon after you land. When a craving related to being tired strikes it’s usually junk food we reach for like candy bars so travel with a few better choice snacks so you’re not left raiding the mini-bar for a pick me up.
  5. Make a commitment- this varies from client to client, for some it’s only enjoying a glass of wine every second day, for others its doing an intermittent fast 5 days a week. This is their golden rule. It is also closely followed by a strategy if the golden rule doesn’t go quite as planned- This is life and we always needs to allow for shifted plans.

Different travels, different concerns.

Each of my clients have such different travel plans, such different concerns- spending the time really understanding their concerns from an emotional and practical level gives them the freedom to the dance between indulgent and foods that make them thrive. It takes steps and structure to get that freedom but once you do coming back from holidays doesn’t need to be focused on getting back on track, you’re already on it.

This is some of the most exciting work I do – freeing people from that cycle of being on and off a plan. My goal is to get all my clients on life, not on and off a continual diet- it might sound small but the mental freedom that comes with that is priceless.

Happy holidays.

About Bonnie Rogers:

Bonnie is an Apprentice Functional Medicine Coach. She helps clients uncover their true story and address the traits and habits they need to fulfil their potential. She deeply believes that the road to transforming health lies in the power of simple daily habits. By combining Positive Psychology with Functional Nutrition, she takes clients through a process of self-discovery to activate long-term change.

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