This is on my Christmas wish list – Gift Recommendations for mothers, girlfriends, wives, colleagues and friends

December 10, 2018 in Table Tales Singapore

This is on my Christmas wish list – Gift Recommendations for mothers, girlfriends, wives, colleagues and friends

December 10, 2018 in Table Tales Singapore

This is on my Christmas wish list

After putting up our gift recommendations for the men in our life, I couldn’t help but feel a bit left out! So here’s my Christmas wish list and my favourite gift recommendations for mothers, girlfriends, wives, boss, colleagues and friends! Oh and perhaps just accidentally share this article with your other half to help him out with what to gift you!

Here’s my Top 5 Christmas gift – to get or give!

1. Table Tales Giftwrapped

SGD $74.00

This is an obvious choice of course! I love the versatility of gifting Table Tales though – I mean everybody likes to eat out right? It’s a very personal gift that you can gift friends or couples, and go for dinner dates together afterwards. It’s just as good gifted to clients and colleagues though and the best part is that they will think of you every time they’ll go for dinner with the book.

Table Tales Singapore shortlists our 10 favourite restaurant experiences in Singapore so you don’t have to do the hard work of selecting where to dine! Remember, when you bring your book for dinner to our curated list of restaurants, the chef will sign your copy + each restaurant will treat you to a free main course OR 20% off both set menus.

2. Arty-Shock Mini + Table Tales

SGD $192.00SGD $148.00

A mini Arty-Shock is the perfect addition to any interior. I love the modern interpretation of these Old Dutch Masterpieces and the Arty-Shock effect makes me smile and is a guaranteed conversation starter. Choose one of our 5 bestsellers like Girl with the Pearl Earring with the Arty-Shock twist of blowing bubbles! Paired with Table Tales Singapore it’s a gift for somebody truly special.

3. Weekly Planner + Table Tales

SGD $86.50SGD $78.00

Let’s set ourselves up for success for 2019 with this weekly planner to plan our days and dinners. Designed by Angie, founder of Vanilla Beige and an avid bullet journalist, this planner combines her best practices and recommendations of how to get the most out of your week. Whether this means getting everything done, scheduling some personal time or catching up with friends. It’s your planner, so your choice! Paired with Table Tales it’s easy to plan in those date nights – all you need to do is check hubs availability! (or make it a girls night out and hubs is missing out ;))

4. More Rose Sparkling + Table Tales

SGD $154.00SGD $118.00

This elegant Italian sparkling is the equivalent of French Champagne (produced in the same way, called metodo classico, aka Champagne-style sparkling) and produced in a historic castle in the prestigious Oltrepo Pavese viticultural zone. It’s a great way to start the festive season, followed by 10 dinner dates throughout 2019 with Table Tales Singapore.

5. Crumbs Dessert Plates + Table Tales

SGD $319.00SGD $228.00

These handmade dessert plates from ByRos Ceramics will make serving cake to friends and family at home for birthdays and celebrations extra special. Rosalind makes each piece by hand, so this is a truly unique gift. The set comes with 5 plates and paired with Table Tales Singapore it will set you up for 10 dinner dates next year at Singapore’s best restaurants! 

What is Table Tales again?

Table Tales features our favourite restaurants in Singapore. Every year we try and test 50+ restaurants and share our favourites with you in our lovely book. Restaurants are invited to join and cannot pay to be featured. We see our book as your little shortlist to experience special moments, unique dinner experiences to share with that special someone in your life. 

With your copy of Table Tales you will enjoy special privileges at each restaurant. It’s their way of saying, thanks for visiting and your support! We hope you had a great night and here’s something from us.

That’s not all though – your book will also serve as your personal memento of time well spent when you meet the chef and (s)he signs your book at the end of the evening – a keepsake of all the memories you have created.

What are those privileges? You will get a complimentary main course OR 20% off both set menus, when you’re a table of two. Book your table now, highlighting you’ll bring Table Tales and have a wonderful evening.

Happy dining!

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